Our Clients

Ajyal Almostakbal College Al Bazourieh

AMC School aims to provide a collaborative learning environment that prepares learners, through the best teaching methods and innovative learning approaches, and provides them with the knowledge, experiences and opportunities that help them to be pioneering and productive citizens wherever they are, whether at school, at university, at work or in the community.

Lebanese International College Rashaya

The Lebanese International College is a school committed to educating students to be responsible productive and  ethical citizens with the skills to reason critically, communicate effectively, learn continuously and think creatively when solving problems and and making decisions. 

Collège de la Sagesse St. Jean Maron Ain el Remmaneh

Collège de la Sagesse St. Jean Maron Ain el Remmaneh joined the Global Education Network in 2022, seeking to manage and improve the school using the latest educational solutions, tools, and methodologies to transform traditional education into a smart, innovative, modern competency-based education.

Collège Notre Dame De Louaizé Faytroun

Collège Notre Dame De Louaizé Faytroun prepares learners for the ability to lead and innovate wherever they live, and work by taking advantage of the diversity and richness of the Lebanese educational system and applying the latest pedagogical and technological approaches.‎

College St. Elie des Peres Carmes Tripoli

CPCT aims to empower pupils to cope with the demands of an ever-changing world and to become active citizens and leaders capable of making progress in their community.